Whooooo is Myretta Robens?

I’ve worked in technology as a systems analyst and database developer since the early 1990s when I programmed and developed applications for AT&T. After that, I moved onto Harvard University where I worked 15 years as a manager and, later, Director of Technology.

I spread my creative wings in 1997 when I swooped into the world wide web and taught myself the wonderful language of HTML. Combining my technical savvy with my love of Jane Austen and the Regency Era, I created The Republic of Pemberley, one of the most extensive online entities that encompasses all things Austen.

When not working on web sites or walking my dog (Lida Rose, an Australian Cattle Dog mix, who who doesn’t give a hoot about what I want her to do), I write romance novels. You can check out that part of my life at myrettarobens.com.

My web clients include authors, business consultants, and a little miscellany. You can find them on my Portfolio page.

Lida Rose (not an owl)

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