I have been doing web design since 1997. My first web site was done in HTML. My skills have changed since then, but it’s still in my tool box.

My services come in three packages.

The Bungalow: Regular updates of the web platform (usually WordPress), Communication with your service provider (usually GoDaddy). Monthly updates of content (graphics and text). Troubleshooting functionality issues..  Regular access to me.  ($220/annually – $60/quarterly)

The Ranch: Includes all services in Package 1 (Bungalow) Plus modifying your existing web site, including either adding a new page/functionality to your site or substantially re-designing or changing an existing page (i.e. adding or changing your blog or adding a back-list of books with links etc. This package will also include creation of monthly mailings for your professional email list. ($330/annually – $90/quarterly)

The Estate: includes all services in Packages 1 and 2 (Bungalow and Ranch) Plus a completely new website or a complete website re-design, research, image creation, content edit and brainstorming. ($880/one time – or four payments of $250)

The Rental: If you choose to opt out of one of the packages – I also offer an hourly rate of $45 per hour for changes/updates/trouble shooting services.